Institute for Advanced Research in Science (IARSc), founded in Dec 2016, aims to promote and conduct world-class research with the involvement of scientists, academicians, researchers and educationists across the globe pursuing basic research and applied sciences. The institute also aims to foster research and create opportunities to fill the gaps and for practical implementation of scientific innovations through collaborative and exchange programmes.

Post Graduate Programmes

Initial focus is to introduce post-graduate studies in Science, Engineering and Inter-disciplinary areas.

IARSc Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  • AVM (Retd.) Dr Ajith Tyagi, Member, SAB, IARSc Bangalore, India; Koteswaram Professor, Former Director General at India Meteorological Department.
  • Prof Kenji Nakamura, Member, SAB, IARSc, Bangalore, India; Senior Professor, Dokkyo University, Japan; Former Director, HyARC, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Dr Kusuma G Rao, Director, IARSc, Bangalore, India; Former Principal Scientist, Atmospheric Science Programme, ISRO Hq, Bangalore, India.
  • Prof Mohan Kumar, Member, SAB, IARSc, Bangalore, India; Director, Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research, CUSAT, Cochin, India.

Contact us

Dr. Kusuma G Rao
Director, IARSc      
  Institute for Advanced Research in Science   +91 87924 49294 kusuma@iarsc.in
Level 7, Mfar Greenheart, Manyata Tech Park,    +91 88 6739 2393
Hebbal Outer Ring Road,
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