Atmosphere, Ocean and Space Sciences (AOSS) Unit focusses on Monsoons, Clouds and Circulation systems, Understanding and Modelling Weather and Climate Extremes, Precipitation Systems Climatology, Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupling, Unmanned measurements of Atmospheric turbulence and Climate species, Atmospheric boundary layer, Satellite applications and Modelling Martian atmosphere. IARSc organizes Outreach programmes, Short-term fellowship programme and conducts Post-graduate studies in fields related to Atmosphere, Ocean and Space Sciences and inter-disciplinary areas.

Key Scientific Disciplines

  • Precipitation Systems Climatology (PCS)
  • Weather and Climate Modelling (WCM): Extreme Events
  • Climate Change and Monsoon Variability (CCMV)): Troposphere and Stratosphere Interactions
  • Mesoscale Convective Systems of the Indian Summer monsoon (MCSIS): Measurements,
    Observational Analysis and modelling
  • Satellite Science, Technology, Applications and Research (STAR)


  1. Prof. Kenji Nakamura
  2. Dr. Kusuma G Rao
  3. Prof P B Rao
  4. Dr. R. Krishnan
  5. Prof. Sandeep Sahijpal
  6. Dr. Abhilash S
  7. Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay

Projects Ongoing & Completed

    • Monsoon activity and precipitation in and around India – Trends in Extreme Rain Events (Completed)
    • Validation of GPM data with in-situ measurements for the Indian region (Ongoing)
    • Characterization of the Extreme Rain Events associated with the Mesoscale Convective Systems of the Indian Summer Monsoon: Implications on Seasonal Monsoon Rainfall (Ongoing)


  • Diploma in “Satellites for All About Atmospheric Phenomena’- Link
  • Diploma in “Satellites for All About Atmospheric Phenomena’ – link

Research Staff/Students/Consultants

    1. Ms. Deviprasad A. J., Younger Researcher, AOSS, IARSc, July 2023 to Present

    2. Mr. Athul C. P., Research Assistant, AOSS, IARSc, Jan 2023 to Present

    3. Ms. Dishi P Thomas, Programme Manager, AOSS, IARSc, Aug 2021 to Jan 2022

    4. Ms. Dishi P Thomas, Young Researcher, AOSS, IARSc, Feb 2022 to Jul 2022

    5. Ms. Shaima N, Research Assistant, AOSS, IARSc, Sep 2022 to Jan 2023

    6. Ms. Rachel Stephanie D’Silva, Intern student of Eng., AOSS, IARSc Jan-Jul 2021

    7. Mr. Narendra Reddy, Ph. D. Student, 2016- 2017

    8. Mr. Narendra Reddy, Young Researcher, AOSS, IARSc, Oct 2016-Jan 2017