IARSc Education Programmes

1. IARSc Programme on Science, Technology, Research and Applications (IPSTRA) -National Level Programme

IPSTRA provides platform for interaction with skilled faculty involved; is designed for lecturers/teachers/young scientists in universities, institutes, colleges and schools; and also, for motivated engineering, postgraduate and doctoral students of mechanical, physical and mathematical sciences; aims to create awareness about the mysteries’ in the universe and to impart an understanding of various phenomena happening around us based on measurements from satellites and other sources through training and skill development programme; aims to give impetus to teachers for academic excellence and educate students for future success providing a choice of opportunities. IPSTRA aims to maximize satellite & radar data utilization in the areas of Space and Atmospheric Sciences, namely,
1. Atmosphere and Climate,
2. Astronomy and Astrophysics,
3. Planetary Science and Exploration,
4. Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

This programme is expected to provide an excellent knowledge base to participants on basic concepts of Radar and Satellite science, technology and their applications. The training programme aims to provide necessary wherewithal to all researchers, who intend to work on forthcoming projects in the country on related subjects. In the present education system in the country, IARSc aims to provide uniformity/equity for a diverse population of students, parents and educators.

2. IPSTRA Progmramme on ‘Know The Atomoshere You Live In’
Dec 20-21 , 2019 at Choksi Hall , IISc , Bangalore

3. IARSc Programme on Atmospheric Modelling (IPAM)

IARSc Programme for Atmospheric Modelling (IPAM) aims at creating awareness about Weather and Climate phenomena in school/college students. Through this program, the effort would be to maximize the atmospheric data utilization for Advanced Modelling.