Prof. Sandeep Sahijpal

Adjunct Faculty, IARSc, Bangalore

Prof. Sandeep Sahijpal did M.Sc (Hons. School) in Physics from Panjab University (PU) and Ph.D. (Physics) from Physical Research Laboratory (ISRO), Ahmedabad. He did PDF from University of California, Los Angeles, US, before joining PU as a faculty member in 2000. His field of specialization is Astrophysics & Planetary Sciences. He does research in the origin and evolution of our galaxy and the solar system. He is interested in knowing the cause that triggered the formation of the solar system and led to the formation and early evolution of the sun and the planetary system. He has developed indigenous ab initio models and numerical simulation codes to understand the formation and evolution of our galaxy, the chemical elements, the Moon, the planets like Mercury, Mars and protoplanetary embryos of the Earth and Venus. He has authored & co-authored more than 140 research publications in international & national journals, proceedings and conferences. He has been associated with the research funding from Planetary exploration program of ISRO. He also operates an 11 inch SC astronomical telescope at Panjab University.