Prof. K. Mohanakumar

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, IARSc, Bangalore,

K Mohanakumar, a Doctorate in Atmospheric Science from University of Kerala, is currently the Director of Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research, CUSAT, Kochi. As a Professor, Researcher, Dean of Faculty and a leader, he was actively involved in teaching, curriculum development in many Universities and research institutions.

Prof K Mohankumar is an illustrious researcher with his remarkable contribution, as Project Director, in establishment of a National Facility, the state-of-art Stratosphere-Troposphere Radar at Cochin, with a vision to support future scientific community to enhance our understanding of the vagaries of the Indian Summer Monsoon. He has carried out pioneering research in the field of Stratosphere Troposphere Coupling Processes and its Dynamics.

He is an eminent and dedicated teacher and mentored 20 Ph.Ds in Atmospheric/Climate sciences who are currently occupying positions of excellence. His research interests are, Solar forcing of middle atmosphere, modulation of Stratospheric QBO and Asian summer monsoon, Stratosphere-troposphere interactions and climate variability. He has more than 90 research papers in peer reviewed journals,The Springer publication, Stratosphere Troposphere Interactions – An Introduction, a text book authored by Prof Mohankumar, received the prestigious ASLI Choice Award as the best book of the year 2008 at the AMS Meeting at Phoenix, USA for being a comprehensive book on a unique aspect of atmospheric sciences. Unique recognition bestowed upon Prof Mohanakumar with this book brought out in Chinese and in Russian languages (Russian Academy of Sciences).

He served as member of various Scientific and Research Advisory Committees of Government of India institutions- Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES-PAMC), Department of Science and Technology (DST–PAC AS), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR–CMMACS, NAL, NIO), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO–SPL SAC), NPOL (DRDO), CMFRI & CIFT (ICAR), KFRI & CWRDM (STEC).